bulletDesigned specifically for brokers, Voycalc provides a fast and easy to use tool for the broker trying to determine the TC equivalent for a given rate or vice-versa.

bulletVoycalc is a fast calculator and very nimble to operate. In fact, the author wrote it to help cut down on long distance phone bills when running calculations while on-line with his overseas principal.

bulletProvides totals for income and expense categories as well as totals for time and consumption categories while in port and at sea.

bulletProvides mode for changing the values and simultaneously seeing the original values, the changes, and the cumulative result of each change.

bulletMost values, including even some of the calculated totals, can be easily changed leading to an immediate recalculation of the whole voyage.

bulletSensitivity analysis on any value with automatic or user definable end point or increment value. Display of sensitivity overlapped on main screen to keep original calculation in sight and in perspective.

bulletNormal terms are provided (SHEX, Sat Noon SHEX, etc...) from a menu selection. Odd times can be easily integrated into the calculation by the user.

bulletThe Distance module is a keystroke away, can be called up any number of times, and provides distance as well as itinerary information.

bulletCalculations can be easily saved and recalled by calculation number, Vessel name, date updated, user name, category, and itinerary.

bulletA calculation can be copied, modified, copied again, etc... thereby creating a series of actualizations and a profile of a business during it's tenure. Copying is also a nice and easy way to create a template for a new but similar calculation.

bulletAn interface to the Vessel module for looking up vessel particulars without leaving the calculation is only a keystroke away.

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