bulletEntry and look up facilities for fixtures by vessel name, area, size, account, commodity, and other criteria.

bulletAccepts data from the Requirements module to facilitate entry of fixtures by converting a requirement directly to a fixture.

bulletThe fixture can be printed, written to file, telexed, or faxed immediately via the Communications module.

bulletExternally generated fixture information such as incoming Telexes or faxes can be attached to the database record.

bulletReports are available at the touch of a key from the data entry/look up screen and require no programming or other complicated setup instructions. Reports by area and size, as well as market reports based on the commodity, can be produced in various formats for internal and external distribution. Reports can be telexed or faxed immediately via the Communications module.

bulletInterfaces with the Vessel and Directory modules to provide immediate access to vessel information as well as directory information on the broker quoting the requirement and the account from the entry/look up screen to provide the user fast access to crucial information at the flick of key.

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