bulletImmediate access to a vessel's description and position by name, quoting broker, location, DWAT, and other criteria directly from the entry screen.

bulletSmart data entry mode prompts the user with the next vessel by order of broker, location and size. In other words, the vessels can be updated or entered in the same order that they are listed on most circulars.

bulletSophisticated matching facility for matching requirements to a vessel, including user definable ballast routes. The user can create separate ballast tables to suit the particular needs of any owner. Routes can be individually adjusted in ballast days or completely eliminated. Size and date values can be stretched to allow for more or less sensitivity.

bulletExternally generated descriptions, such as incoming telexes, can be attached to the vessel record without change.

bulletThe vessel's description and position can be printed, written to file, telexed, or faxed immediately via the Communications module.

bulletPowerful reports produce standard position lists and other reports in various formats for internal and external distribution. The reports are available at the touch of a key from the data entry/look up screen and require no programming or other complicated setup instructions. Can interface with the Directory module to group vessels by brokers/principals so as to be able to produce local, cable, exclusive, or any kind of position list for circulation in only certain markets. Reports can be telexed or faxed immediately via the Communications module.

bulletMass deactivation of vessels from position lists by date and/or broker for easy maintenance of positions.

bulletInterfaces with the Directory module for immediate access to directory information on the broker quoting the vessel. This allows the user fast access to telephone numbers and other information without leaving the Vessels module.

bulletKeeps a log of all brokers who have quoted a vessel and same is available at the touch of a key.

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