bulletFingertip access to requirements by location, size, quoting broker, commodity, and various other criteria directly from the entry screen.

bulletInterfaces with the Fixtures module to automatically convert a requirement to a fixture.

bulletSmart data entry mode prompts the user with the next requirement by order of broker, location, size, etc.... Quantity percent more or less converted on the fly and even canceling date guessed at in order to make entry faster.

bulletCan match potential vessel positions to a requirement. The user can create separate ballast tables for the potential ballast to the cargo for different market conditions, time of the year, etc.... Routes can be individually adjusted in ballast days or completely eliminated. Size and date values can be stretched to allow for more or less sensitivity.

bulletWill produce both cargo circular reports by area and size as well as market reports based on commodity in various formats for internal and external distribution. The reports are available at the touch of a key from the data entry/look up screen and require no programming or other complicated setup instructions. Can interface with the Directory module to group requirements by brokers/principals so as to be able to produce local, cable, exclusive, or any kind of requirement list for circulation in only certain markets. Reports can be telexed or faxed immediately via the Communications module.

bulletThe requirement can be printed, written to file, telexed, or faxed immediately via the Communications module.
bulletInterfaces with the Directory module to provide immediate access to directory information on the broker quoting the requirement without leaving the Requirements module.

bulletMass deletion of requirements by date or broker for easy maintenance.

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