bulletKeeps all relevant information on correspondents such as addresses, phone numbers, telex numbers, comments, etc... available at a keystroke.

bulletDesigned for international addresses. Supports automatic printer scaling to keep even the longest address on standard label size.

bulletProvides an abbreviation field to help find correspondents by their common 'call name' thereby overcoming problems in trying to find oddly spelled names or perhaps names that don't correspond at all to their commonly used abbreviations.

bulletFacilities to group correspondents for general mailings, vessel and requirement circulars, Christmas cards, corporate gifts, etc....

bulletComment space on pop-up screen for adding notes and built in editor for creating additional files of any size which can be attached. Furthermore, externally generated descriptions, such as incoming telexes, and even inbound faxes, can be attached to the directory record without change.

bulletSaves time by printing envelopes or labels directly from the screen. Mass mailings are also a snap with functions that will print any number of formfeed labels in one shot or prompt for single Christmas Card envelopes one at a time.
bulletCan create a fully formed "boiler-plate" letter with date, address, and closing, and allows the user to invoke most word processors or the built in multi-window editor to fill in the text and print the letter all in the same function and without leaving the Directory module.

bulletThe correspondent information can be printed or written to file in various formats, with or without comments or the attached information if any, and telexed, or faxed via the Communications module.

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